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You have to pay your electric and water bills – their rates, your necessities, you have no choice.  That massive property tax bill?  Yes, you have to pay that too – no choice on parcel taxes you didn’t vote for, or property evaluations for which you didn’t receive an exemption.

But when it comes to mobile data, we are going to give you a choice.  Offer up your unused home internet capacity – megs and gigs and data you will not use – and receive free WiFi when out of your home.

Sound simple?  It is!

By joining PalWiFi’s trusted community, you open your home internet as a free, safe and secure hotspot.  And in return, you too can enjoy free WiFi when out and around another PalWiFi hotspot!

Sound cool?  Definitely!

The PalWiFi App and router are in production and soon you will hear more.

Sound exciting?  It will be.

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